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Meet our team at Bridgemen Services Ltd.!

 Our leaders experience and hardworking nature, has got us to where we are today.

The Team

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Joel Wozney

Owner / President (Class A Bridge Inspector)

Joel Wozney, founder and backbone of Bridgemen Services Ltd, opened the company in 2004 and has never looked back. Joel’s insistence on quality of service, hard work, and responsiveness to client needs remains the company philosophy that has led to its success in a competitive industry. Joel brings his expertise as a Class A Bridge Inspector to the company, which enables him to continually manage and deliver on all phases of our bridge projects. He is also highly involved in the management and administration of all our bridge activities, continually researching new innovative products and overall market costs through-out Alberta. Joel also oversees all company proposals and estimates, ensuring that the costs are not only competitive, but that the best quality materials are utilized with no surprise costs to the clients. As the leader of this establishment, Joel has set the standard for all employees to maintain outstanding customer service, while also delivering impeccable craftsmanship.

Trevor Bjarnason

Bridge Superintendent & Senior Estimator

Trevor Bjarnarson is our most senior employee and has been part of Bridgemen Services almost since the beginning in 2006. Trevor has 22 years of bridge experience, and with 15 years of it being with Bridgemen Services, he has become a vital part in the operations of the company. Trevor always ensures the quality of the services we are providing, along with informing clients about potential concerns before they happen. Currently, Trevor oversees all crew operations, focusing on their organization, time management, contract compliance, and overall craftsmanship. Trevor touches on nearly every process within the operations of the company, starting with estimating and bid proposals, scheduling, material and equipment purchasing, quality control, human resources, maintaining constant client communication, and ensuring compliancy with not only contract requirements, but also Regulatory compliance and standards requirements.

Shawn Profile.jpg

Shawn Hunt

Safety Officer & Junior Estimator

Shawn Hunt has been with Bridgemen Services Ltd. for just over a decade. In that time Shawn has gained a substantial amount of bridge experience while working as a Bridge Foreman, where he continually excelled. Most recently, Shawn’s role with the team has changed to Safety Officer, where he has quickly discovered a passion and natural knowledge for safety. Shawn’s years of field experience, has made him a perfect choice to add to our safety program, and he has already made steps in bringing Bridgemen Services to the next level in safety as we continue to grow and evolve.

Chantel Nisbett

Senior Administrator / Office Manager

Chantel Nisbett is the newest member of our Bridgemen Services Ltd. leadership team, having been with us since 2016. Chantel’s 25 years of diverse office administrative experience has allowed her to wear many hats within Bridgemen Services. While performing finance duties, you will also find her handling Payroll Administration & Health Benefits, Invoicing, Assisting with Accounts Receivable/Payable and Government remittances. Chantel also contributes to the Health & Safety administration and policy creation, as well as WCB reporting and clearances.  A major part of Chantel’s position is also project services, including ECO Plan Development, Traffic Accommodation documentation, Bonds and Insurance certifications, as well as contract administration. To ensure the company always runs as smooth as possible, Chantel has made it her mission to not only be approachable, but to also offer her assistance with effective solutions in all areas of need.

Josue 1.jpg

Josue Quintana

Bridge Foreman

Josue Quintana is Bridgemen Services’ most senior Bridge Foreman, providing us with his expert knowledge for over 13 years. Josue is passionate about the quality of every project he works on, and his attention to detail is what makes his work stand out. Josue has paved the way for many and acts as a mentor to his co-workers, allowing them to advance and grow within the company. Josue has developed expert status when it comes to bridge maintenance and repairs, which has been key in building our reputation for quality craftsmanship.

Arnoldo Gonzalez

Bridge Foreman

Arnoldo Gonzalez has been with Bridgemen Services for nearly 10 years, starting as a labourer and eventually proving himself as an excellent Bridge Foreman. Arnoldo takes pride in the responsibility that he has been given, and applies that to the efficiency of his crew and ultimately the high quality of the final product they produce. Arnoldo’s excellent communication skills and ability to get his crew working to their full potential is a major component in his continued success as a Bridge Foreman.



Head Mouser

Whiskey has been an integral part of the Bridgemen Services office team for many moons. His likes include catching critters, visitors and complaining. Can often be found "power napping" on various surfaces.

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