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Image by Jeffrey Hamilton


Location: Red Deer River at Dorothy

Bridge Type: Three Trough Truss Span constructed on timber and concrete substructures

Project Description: Bridge Rehabilitation, Stripdeck and Subdeck Replacement & Other Work

Project Scope

- Removal of existing stripdeck planks

- Supply & installation of new CCA treated stripdeck

- Supply & installation of new treated subdeck

- Replacement of selected treated timber caps, corbles, and vertical blocks

- Replacement of treated timber wheelguards

- Repair select steel truss members

- Partial depth concrete repairs at piers

-Misc. repairs

Location: Grande Prairie

Bridge Type: 8.53 – 12.0 – 8.5 m SC Girder Bridge on steel substructure

Project Description: Bridge Widening and Other Work

Project Scope

- Supply and drive steel H-piling

- Abutment, pier and wingwall modifications

- Supply, delivery, and erection of girders

- Construction of approach slab

- Supply and installation of bridge deck waterproofing membrane

- Supply and install guardrail

- Heavy rock riprap (class 1)

- Roadway and Bridge Deck Paving

- Supply and install erosion control barrier (silt fence)

Location: Driedmeat Creek, Camrose County

Bridge Type: 3-6.1 m PG on TT, Square to Road

Project Description: Replace Timbercaps, Pier Construction, Piling, Backwall and Wingwall Repairs

Project Scope

- Approach rail repairs

- Replace timber caps

- Setup, supply and drive new H-piles

- Pier construction

- Treat and band piles

- Wingwall repairs

- Backwall repairs

- Install struts and strut retainers

- Heavy rock riprap (Class 1)

- Miscellaneous repairs

Location: Nanton/Mosquito Creek Bridge

Bridge Type: 3 Span Standard Bridge

Project Description: Concrete Overlay Bridge Deck Reinforced with Rebar

Project Scope

- Remove loose concrete along girder edges

- Sandblast bridge deck

- Forming

- Seal girder edge gaps

- Supply & place 15m reinforcing rebar

- Supply & place Class D Concrete Overlay

-3 day wet cure

Location: Unnamed Watercourse N.of Fort MacKay

Culvert Type: 2120mm DIA SPCSP x 73.00m

Project Description: Culvert Liner Installation and Other Work

Project Scope

- Silt and Water Removal

- Excavation

- Removal and Disposal of Upstream Bevel End

- Supply and Installation of a CSP Liner

- Concrete End Treatment

- Backfill

- Supply and Install Class 1 Heavy Rock Riprap

- Seeding

-Erosion Control Barrier (Silt Fence)

Location: Washout Creek

Culvert Type: SPE (1-4515mm x 4095mm 47.5m)

Project Description: Remove & Replace Culvert

Project Scope

- Remove and dispose of existing culvert

- SPCSP – Supply & Assembly

- Backfill Upstream

- Concrete end treatment

- Heavy Rock Riprap (Class 1)

- Erosion Control Barrier

- Fish Capture and release

Location: Five Mile Creek W. of Fort Macleod

Project Description: New Pier Piles and CAP, New ‘HC’ Type Girders

Project Scope

-Removal and Reinstallation of existing precast concrete girders

-Construction of New Pier; Steel Piling, Steel Nose Plate, Steel Cap and Neoprene Bearings

-Heavy Rock Riprap (Class 1

Location: Rosebud River

Bridge Type: Clear Span Pony Truss 30.4m

Project Description: Stringer Connection Removal, Replace with Steel Stringers, Remove and Replace: Wheelguards, Stripdeck, Subdeck

Project Scope

- Removal Existing Stringer Connections

- Remove and reinstall Wheelguards

- Remove and reinstall Stripdeck

- Remove and reinstall Subdeck

- Install Steel Stringers

- Supply & Install Tie-Bolts and J-Bolts

- Supply & Install Load posting signage

Location: RR 35

Bridge Type: 24.4m PT-6.1 TT

Project Description: Wear Surface, Steel Replacement And Miscellaneous Repairs

Project Scope

- Core substructure to assess rotten timbers

- Replace hazard marker and post

- Install post bolt

- Install Approach Rail all 4 Corners

- Patch CCA treated wear surface w/salvaged materials

- Install splice bolts

- Remove brush

- Replace U3L2S angle wall

- Replace Pier sheeting (50’)

- Replace Pier nose plate

- Replace select stringers

- Install shim plate

- Replace subdeck planks where required

- Replace TT wheelguard & damaged/missing blocks

- Supply and install 12M H-Piles

- Supply and install new steel short caps

- Supply and install new 24’ TT pile caps

Location: Kneehills Creek

Bridge Type: 3 Span FC Girders

Project Description: Create Slope Drain and Grout Approachs

Project Scope

- Grout approach slabs

- Remove debris & Misc.

- Repair drain trough

- Regrade headslope

- Partial depth repairs

- Epoxy curb tops

- Hot pour seal ACP cracks at deck joints, wing to approach cracks

Location: County of Two Hills

Bridge Type: 3 Span – TT (8.5–8.5–8.5) on TT Substructure

Project Description: New Piers, Subdeck, Stripdeck and Salvage Wheel Guard

Project Scope

- Bridge Superstructure Removal (Inc. wheel guard & bridge rail)

- Supply and drive new HP310 X 94 X 15m piling

- Remove and dispose of the existing timber piers

- Supply and install steel pier caps

- Re-install salvaged timber stringers

- Supply and Install two treated stringers

- Supply and install HSS pier bracing and nose plates


- Re-install existing and supply/ install struts


- Supply and place / compact pit run at Abutment

- Supply and Place Class 1 Rip Rap at Abutments

- Supply and install new treated subdeck

- Supply and install new CCA treated wear surface

- Re-installation of bridge rail


- Re-installation of wheel guard

- Bridge rail and approach rail repairs (posts, w-beam, bolts)

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