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Our Vision

Welcome to Bridgemen Services Ltd.


Bridgemen Services Ltd. is a commercial bridge/culvert repairs and maintenance company based in Didsbury, Alberta. Our company was established in 2005 and is bonded and COR certified.


From our first project in 2005, our philosophy has remained the same: we deliver quality craftsmanship, while on time and within budget.


Our clients come from a variety of fields and professions, such as the Alberta Government, municipalities, cities, irrigation districts, oil companies, highway maintenance contractors, farms and production companies.

Our staff is comprised of highly trained and experienced bridge personnel, and because quality control is key to our success, we also employ a Class A Bridge Inspector to oversee all projects.


Bridgemen Services has built an honorable reputation through mutual respect of not only our employees, but also our clients--old and new--, as well as with competitors within our industry, where we continually share and communicate to provide top-quality services and work environments. We stand by the professional partnerships and clientele that we have made over the years, and believe it’s the root to our success.


Bridgemen Services Ltd.

Joel Wozney


"We build too many walls and not enough bridges"

- Issac Newton

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